Job Description
OBHK has over 60 employees and the majority of OBHK instructors complete a 85 day training
school, run and managed internally, to equip them with the human, technical and educational skills,
knowledge and experience necessary to facilitate and deliver, safe and effective Outward Bound
courses in Hong Kong.
Outward Bound Hong Kong is seeking a First Mate Trainer to support an internal First Mate
Training Program. The OBHK 10 month First Mate Training Program is managed by the Skipper and
runs adjacent to the delivery of Spirit of Outward Bound Hong Kong courses.
Spirit of Outward Bound Hong Kong has 5 ‘sea staff’; Skipper, First Mate Trainer, First Mate Trainee,
2 x Watch Leaders. During the First Mate Training Program, 4 existing Outward Bound Hong Kong
Instructors are provided with internal and external training and assessment, working towards
recognition to operate the vessel in Inshore (Cat 2), Offshore (Cat 1) and Ocean (Cat 0) areas of
operation as First Mate.
The First Mate Trainer will be expected to work closely with the Skipper to conduct, manage and
review the First Mate Training Program. It is essential that the First Mate Trainer is able to fulfil the
day to day duties of the First Mate while also training the First Mate Trainees to perform the role
independently, in time.

To apply, please email a cover letter, resume, and three references in PDF
format to [email protected] and [email protected]

Outward Bound Hong Kong (OBHK) strives to transform and better equip the people of Hong
Kong with readily transferrable and relevant skills to deal with the daily workings of life. Outward
Bound courses are founded upon outdoor ‘journey-based’ programs that utilise experiential
education; where participants are challenged to push their limits and pursue self-discovery. Outward
Bound Hong Kong operates a variety of different activities while delivering multi activity journey
programs including paddling, open boat sailing, yacht sailing, hiking, climbing and sea kayaking. Spirit
of Outward Bound Hong Kong (Spirit) is a Challenge 67, round the world racing yacht, that has
served OBHK for over 18 years, delivering inshore and offshore passages and providing a reliable
platform for sail training.
Spirit of Outward Bound Hong Kong operates over 170 days a year on such programs, with
participants from a wide variety of backgrounds. When not on course, the crew is expected to
perform maintenance tasks on-board and engage in the development of training and operational
efficiency. Spirit predominantly operates 9 and 18 day Second Chance courses, working with young
people aged 14 – 25 years old from existing community projects and providing an invaluable
opportunity for young people to access sailing for the first time and engage in personal development.
Every activity that takes place on board will be used to facilitate the outcomes of an Outward Bound