Covid-19: Govt. ‘Rule of Six’ explained

As of today (14th September), the government is banning social gatherings of six or more people to help combat the spread of COVID-19. This new ban on gatherings will apply both indoors and outdoors and includes all ages in England.

The government say: “From 14 September there will be a legal limit on the number of people you don’t live with you are able to meet. When meeting with people you don’t live with you can socialise in groups of up to 6. You should continue to maintain social distancing with anyone you do not live with.”


However, the rules are slightly different for those living in Scotland and Wales:

  • In Scotland, no more than six people from two households will be able to meet from today, however, children under the age of 12 from those two households will NOT be included.
  • In Wales, it will be illegal for more than six people from an extended household to meet indoors. This does not include children aged 11-years-old and under. Up to 30 people from different homes can still meet outside as long as they remain 2m apart.

There are exceptions to this new legislation, whereby groups can be larger than six people. These include:

  • for work, or the provision of voluntary or charitable services
  • registered childcare, education, or training
  • supervised activities provided for children, including wraparound care, youth groups, and activities, and children’s playgroups
  • organised sport or exercise classes or licensed outdoor physical activity.

This means that as long as social distancing and existing guidance is observed, these new measures should not affect the limited amount of Sail Training currently taking place in the UK. For the RYA’s official COVID-19 guidance click here.


For further information about the new Rule of Six measures visit:


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